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Introduction - Vanessa Castleberry
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I am a senior lecturer in the chemistry and biochemistry department at Baylor University in Waco, Texas.  Most of the time, I teach the two semester general chemistry courses to science majors.  (My PhD was in physical chemistry, hence the overwhelming opportunity to teach general chemistry courses....).  This fall, I will experience a treat or torture event!  I will teach a course in biophysical chemistry along with the laboratory.  Since I have been at Baylor, I have only taught the freshman level courses, so a senior level course will be an eye-opener, for sure.  

Home life includes an awesome spousal unit (Jeff), two little parrots (Gus and Max), an older kitty cat (Loki), and a host of crazy hobbies.  My spouse is a semi-retired aerospace engineer. 

I look forward to playing around with the OWL program and corresponding with all of the folks in our group!


1 Comment

Thanks for joining the community site, Vanessa! We look forward to working with you more closely!