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Hello and Welcome to the Interpersonal Communication Advisory Board!

Frequent Commenter

Hi Chantele,


Welcome!  It sounds beautiful where you live.  I also live in the mountains, but I teach down the hill.  Wouldn't trade the mountains for anything.  Love it!  I have noticed the decline in college level writing.  Scary.



Debra White

Occasional Visitor

Hello, all,


My name is Amber Reinhart and I teach at the University of Missouri, St. Louis.  I have been here for 10 years.


I enjoy teaching interpersonal communication because no matter what career students are interested in they can use the material from the course in both their professional and personal lives. Students immediately see how the concepts are playing out in their own lives and are excited to apply the suggestions for improving one's interpersonal communication.


For me the biggest challenge is trying to elevate student's critical thinking skills beyond just giving an example of what they have read from their own lives and actually starting to connect concepts from different chapters and really analyzing what they are reading. As with any college class getting students to read and write well also can be challenging, as some of you have already stated.


Pleasure to "virtually" meet you all Smiley Happy

Frequent Commenter

Hi Amber,


Welcome!  I agree trying to motivate students to think critically can be challenging. It also seems that many times they just want to get the work done as fast as they can and not really put a lot of effort into their essays.  Not all of my students are this way, there are a few who really put forth a lot of effort and I so appreciate them.


I have been teaching at NYU School of Social Work for 37 years. I am presently teaching several courses with the most important one is Social Work Practice/Field I and II as well as Practice with Groups. I also coordinate the 20 sections of the Social Work Practice course. It is a small group (15 students) and we are together for the whole year. 

Most exciting for me is role playing in class some of the communications challenges they encounter in the field. The challenge is how to teach students basic communications skills with their clients, groups and communities while also addressing, or sometimes not addressing, some of the interpersonal dynamics that exist in the class. 

Frequent Commenter

Hi Dina,


Your position sounds very interesting.  It would be fun to work with the same group throughout the year.  It sounds like you have a full schedule.  Hope you have had some time off this summer. 



Debra Rae White


I do love working with students. Today is the last day of my summer school class and I will really miss these students. In a very short time (one month, twice a week, 4 hours each class) we have formed a strong bond

and have been really able to learn from one another. I feel very priveleged to be a teacher.