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Hi All,


Nice to read your bios, and I hope I will get another opportunity to hear you share your teaching experiences during a focus group.


I am Russell Larsen, and this Thurday, I will move from Iowa to Houston to start as a Professor of Instruction at the University of Houston.  Since 1994, I have taught chemistry at the University of Iowa, and for about the last ten years most of my efforts have been focused on the large enrollment introductory courses.


It's funny to think how much things have changed since I started at Iowa.  Course web pages were something new and required a knowledge of HTML and the students electronic homework was recorded on floppy disks.  🙂

Technology has always played an important role in my teaching both in the lecture and the laboratory components of my courses.  Therefore, my interest in participating in this focus group is to stay current with what is on the roadmap for Cengage and to hear other instructors share their best practices.  Although things are changing for me with my current move, my most recent projects have involved the development and use of a learning analytics dashboard for use in introductory STEM courses and the advancement of cost reduction for learning materials.


Welcome to Houston, Rusell! I have been living in Houston for the last 15 years. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or any help. I am also writing an NSF grant and need collaboration from 4-year university professors too. 


Hello everyone,


My name is Bhavna Rawal. I am working as a chemistry faculty at Houston Community College. I am also a faculty advisor and running STEM club and Aspiring Engineers club


I teach intro chemistry, general chemistry I and II, Organic chemistry I and II. One of the challenges my students are facing is to solve problems using math in chemistry. 


We have a very diverse group of students in our community college. It is a commuter college. Majority of our students transfers to the University of Houston, Texas A & M and the University of Texas. 



Thanks for joining the community site. It's great to have you on the panel! We look forward to hearing your input on the prototype. Hope the move to Univ of Houston was smooth, Russell! 


Welcome to the community site, Bhavna! I look forward to meeting you in person this week at BCCE! 



Thanks for the welcome.  Houston has been great so far, albeit hot.  Once things get started in the fall, it would be fun for us to connect to compare and contrast our institutions and our classes.  Perhaps we should pencil something in for early October or something?  We could either chat virtually via Zoom, or could meet for coffee or something  near your campus.  I live in the Museum District, so I think your campus would be a relatively short drive.  Just let me know.  


I hope you are finding the BCCE interesting and useful.