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Your Favorite Sources for News on Interpersonal Communication


Quick question: for everyone - what websites do you visit the most for breaking news or just useful information that you can use in your classes?


Any ideas on this? @jbutler@Kirt_Shineman@Julie_Simanski@debra_white@Greg_Smith@Ron_Hochstatter@angela_blais@jpisaacs@BrittanyH@Russellm, or @JulieMayberry@Chantele_Carr@amber_reinhart

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I've recently become a Twitter geek, so I'm amazed at how much info I've been finding in news headlines of various sources such as Time, Newsweek, Psychology Today, USA Today, etc.  If I find something I like, I just send the link to my email address and try to open it up in class.  Twitter is a great medium to grab the headlines of everything that's going on within a relatively short period of time.


Ha - I do the same thing: find an article I'm interested in and then email it to myself.


Since you're into Twitter, have you looked at "Twitter Moments"? I check it (as well as other news sources) every day.  Great way to see what people are talking about.


But does anyone have a specific news source that consistently provides articles/posts that they find they can use in class?