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Cengage Unlimited: Instructor Syllabus Kit




Resources for faculty that want to help their students learn more for less.


Cengage Unlimited is a first-of-its-kind subscription service that students can purchase in bookstores and online as of August 1st, 2018. With one Cengage Unlimited subscription, a student will have full access to over 22,000 Cengage ebooks, all of our digital learning products, study resources and more -- and pay no more than $119.99 per term.  There are discounted print rental opportunities and extended subscription options, too.


To help you explain this option to your students, we've compiled the following resources that you can use in your syllabus and in materials you share with your students. 


  1. Syllabus Language
  2. Images
  3. Student Flyer
  4. Calculator
  5. Videos
  6. Student FAQs and Responses

SYLLABUS LANGUAGE: Browse the attached documents for syllabus language that best fits your course.

  • "Syllabus Language"covers digital required, digital not required, and multi-term courses.
  • "Syllabus Language for Inclusive Access Upgrade" covers this scenario with LMS and without an LMS.

Helpful reminders for students and instructors are at the end of these documents.  Cut & paste what's most helpful to you and add it to your syllabus or course outline page(s).


IMAGES : Add an eye-catching image to your course outline or syllabus page. Click on any of the .jpeg images below to download and save. (Or right click and "Save As")


Banner Image.png


Square Image.png


STUDENT FLYER: Share or post this flyer that explains subscription options and offerings on one-page!



See how much students can save on course materials with Cengage Unlimited compared to the average cost of Cengage materials bought individually.


VIDEOS: Show students what Cengage Unlimited is and how it works. Embed links so your students can click and discover.

  • What is Cengage Unlimited?
  • Cengage Unlimited is a first-of-its-kind subscription model offering you access to unlimited course materials each semester—all for one low price. 


  • Take a Look Inside Cengage Unlimited -
  • Discover how you can navigate the Cengage Unlimited dashboard and learn more for less—in one place, for $119.99 per term.


  • Student Reactions to Cengage Unlimited -
  • Over 7,300 students nationwide have agreed to share with us their reactions to Cengage Unlimited. Here are some Spring 2018 highlights:


STUDENT FAQs AND RESPONSES- We know students come to you first and Cengage Unlimited is new, so use this tool to answer some questions that may come up. 

If there's anything else we can provide to help you and your students, let us know! 


Connect with your Cengage Learning Consultant:

For Start Strong student training resources:



Frequent Commenter

Would it be possible to get the syllabus language in a Word format rather than PDF so it would be easier to copy and paste into our syllabus? 


Absolutely, Kristen. We will update that ASAP! Good suggestion. @LaurenMcM 


Word doc has been posted here. Let us know if you need anything else!

New Member

It would also be helpful if instructors had details on how students could transition from what we're using now to the newly available unlimited content. 


For example, I use MindTap with my textbook provided in loose-leaf copy at a substantial savings over the hardback book.  But it wasn't obvious to me what to do so that my students could duplicate this with Unlimited.  In fact, my rep even had to do some digging to find out that loose-leaf copies were available with Unlimited.  Without loose-leaf copies for students, I won't be able to use Unlimited.


Thanks for the feedback @tbmichael!  Yes, allowing students to ALSO have print and save money is an important part of the Cengage Unlimited experience.  Once a student has purchased a Cengage Unlimited subscription (is not in trial access) AND has activated their digital course (MindTap, WebAssign, SAM, OWLv2...) they can get a printed version of the title associated with their course. 


A print rental lasts the duration of their Cengage Unlimited subscription and costs just $7.99. (Shipping to and from is FREE!)  Or, the student can buy a discounted looseleaf copy and keep it forever. That is often the preferred choice for students taking multi-terms courses.  Here is where they'll find these options:


Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 12.22.14 PM.png



NOTE: The print rental flow (how students request their rental) is slightly different with a couple of our platforms (ex. iLrn) but our customer service team is ready to assist any students in need.