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Group Discussion- Let's get started!


Hello, Advisory Board! 


We are very excited to have your participation in this Advisory Board over the next several months. We want to have a close relationship with instructors and students as we are creating material to ensure that what we are making is actually useful to you. Likewise, we want this Advisory Board experience to be useful to you, so we encourage you to chat with each other throughout the next couple of months to bounce off ideas and get each other's perspectives.


There will be an opportunity for you to share comments with each other with each activity on this website, called the "Let's Talk" forums. But for our first activity, we would like to focus entirely on a discussion to get to know each other, identify common challenges, and set out some goals for this Board. We will hold this discussion in a separate platform, called iTracks. You will receive an email with your individual login instructions, so keep an eye out for it.


This online discussion board will be open for three days for you to access at your convenience. The first set of questions will be available on Thursday, August 10, then a second set will become available on Friday, August 11. All questions will be remain available on Saturday, August 12. Participating board members are required to answer all questions, and we encourage you to check back throughout this time period to comment on what other participants are saying. 


That's all for now! We look forward to speaking with you and kicking off this Board!