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Discussing a bigger picture
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Here's something you might find useful in your teaching. In the heavy truck repair industry most technicians will not see the whole picture on how the quality of their work can impact other things, people, and companies. When I recently asked my students " What are the effects of a poor repair or inspection" I received the normal answers like " it could cause another breakdown in the future", and  "it could increase the overall repair of the vehicle due to multiple repairs". 


These are obvious to most people who have owned a car or truck. I needed a way to connect a real world scenario to get my point across to my students.  I work closely with industry and industry partners and had a member of the Louisiana Department of Transportation visit my class and speak about what happens during a road side inspection and the implications to the drivers and company's involved. 


Wile discussing the process of the inspection and the penalties as a class, a few of the other implications that could be in place due to a poor diagnosis and repair were:


  • The driver of the truck could be losing pay for the day when paid by the load or miles
  • If this happens enough times to the same driver he could quit and look for another company
  • The driver could be late to an appointment and have to wait until the next day
  • The vehicle could be unsafe to operate
  • The driver and company could be fined or taken out of service

These are just a few of the other effects that most technicians do not tend to realize can happen when a job is not done correctly


After a discussion around this question, my students began to understand that all of these issues can get intertwined and cause a much greater money loss for the company that owns the truck. 


The point of the discussion was for my students to think and focus on the job at hand. Do everything you can to be sure it has been diagnosed and repaired correctly.  If not, it affects much more than just another breakdown. 


By bringing in the speaker from the industry it helped strengthen my point. As well as bring in a different view to the classroom.