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What Tech Do You Use for Writing?

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Platforms and software that assist with the writing process can leave much to desired.


My institution currently uses Write Experience (WE), but we aren't 100% sold that this is the best product for our students. Do you have any experience with WE or other writing software? If so, what? How does it work?


Do you recommend going digital with teaching/practicing the writing process? 

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I'm an instructor whose discipline isn't English, but I want my students to write well, so I often send them to try out this fun little app called Hemingway.  Anyone heard of it?  You can play around with it on their website (or buy it for $20).  Fun little app that analzses what you've written and points out places where your sentences are long, or passive.  Pretty neat. Worth checking out.

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I use Write Experience with my INRW classes.  I find students either love it or find it difficult to use; there doesn't seem to be a middle ground.   I usually sit with each student, individually the first several times they work with this technolgy so it does not seem as overwhelming to them. Once they get the hang of it, most find it useful.  I've also had volunteers login and we have worked together as a class to make corrections.