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What would your students be surprised to know about you?


When I think back on my best experiences in the classroom as a student, each memory is with an instructor who really knew how to build relationships with his or her students. I always felt particularly connected to those who shared with their class other aspects of their lives outside of their teaching hat. It was humanizing and comforting. I remember one instructor who taught photojournalism. In this course, he taught us how to not just take a picture but how to capture true emotions and to tell a captivating story without any written words.


How did he do this? He shared with us photos he had taken over the years of his children. The photographs told a very personal story about their childhood. They displayed joy, sadness and everything in between.  They captured their vulnerability, their sense of adventure and their pure happiness. Because of his willingness to let us see into his personal life, this class remains one of the best courses I have ever taken.


I’m curious to know, if you could give your students a glimpse into your life as an instructor, what is one thing that would surprise them?




I do this and they are always shocked at how much I read.  They read so little that I highlight what scholarly work I am reading, we try out new techniques in class and best of all fiction.  My syllabus contains a section for each class called if you like this lecture you can read more by checking out the following books.  I include fiction in this catagory.  It's personal, yet allows me to keep my private life and it takes them out of the social media realm.


What about you?




I love this idea Sherri...  I'll have to do some research this summer but I am going to add something like this to my syllabus.  I am always looking for ways to help my students grow!    Thank you for the great idea!

Joan ~


We have many military veteran students on our campus and I think they are always surprised that I served for many years and am a retired USAF Lt Col.  This "military" connection to my students has opened up many new doors for them and me!