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Welcome images or strategies for your online course




Welcome week is always a challenge between covering course mechanics and content.  I'm curious what images or tactics are you using to engage students?  This semester I'm using converse shoes - what about you?




Thanks in advance.



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I'm not a fan of traditional "Getting to Know You" posts or discussion boards. Recently, I have asked students to find their anthem or 1 song to introduce themselves to the class. That has been a lot of fun and has introduced me and my students to new tunes.


They post the link of the song which can be just audio or a YouTube video. They then have to explain why they chose that song and what it says about them.

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That's a super fun idea, Jenny! I love that [and may have to steal it for my students' use . . . ]

I do like posting quirky videos on my course homepage on in an "announcements" section to set my class apart from others--and to remind students they are in an English course. So I may post a funny grammar video, a clever meme, a quick author interview with someone we are reading that week . . . I try to keep things current and interesting to show them how much writing matters.

--Audrey Wick
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Hey Audrey! Glad you like and yes, feel free. Super fun and I've made CDs from each class (I listen to clips of the songs, know if I like them almost instantly, and then star them in Blackboard). Once the class is over, I download and burn a CD of 10 - 15 songs and label it, ENG-111-section# and the semester and year. That has been a really cool way for me to wrap up the term and remember my students.

I post a new inspirational quote with an image each week.

Learn.jpgThis is one example


Since I teach technology courses, I try to bring a hot new technology topic in for discussion on the first day. Something innovative and cool, not intimidating, gets their minds whirring and hopefully more excited to come back for more! 


Hello All,


I am thinking of trying Flipgrid. I shared Flipgrid with a group of English Language Instructors and they loved it.

Flipgrid, as stated on the Website, is a video discussion community for your classroom that supercharges your students’ voices. You add the topics, your students respond with short videos, and everyone engages! As posits in EDTechDigest, Charlie—with Jim Leslie—co-founded Flipgrid in 2015 as an asynchronous video communication platform. In 2017, Flipgrid received the 2017 Cool Tech Award. You can create a free faculty account by going to You can have unlimited topics and unlimited student responses.


Engaging Essie

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This is actually a great thread for some nice ideas. I don't use anything for my face to face classes but I for my online classes, I ask students to introduce themselves (talk about family, work, hobbies, interest and anything that they are comfortable sharing) and post a picture (optional). I have used a "Welcome video" myself to introduce myself and the course to students in an online class but have discontinued it since the course was undergoing a lot of changes and every time I had to record a new one.


I would like to use a "welcome" image but haven't found one that I really like so far - hopefully will have some ideas from this thread. Flipgrid is a nice example, will check it out although student videos for large classes become a little chaotic (from earlier experience).


My courses are doing movie poster introductions!

Rajone A. Lyman, M.Ed.

Good Morning Rajone,


I like the movie poster idea. Please share your instructions.

Engaging Essie


This semester we're using FitBits in the classroom to teach students about technology and it's going great!  I paired them up the first day and introduced them to their FitBit Zips.  Every class period they get a few steps in the classroom and do something related to the reading, with their fit bit.  Last week it was researching the hardware, this week we researched the software.  The students seem to be really enjoying it!





Class is beginning so I hope you are ready for your close-up! The activities in this course will give you lots of opportunities to interact and get to know one another. To break the ice let's have some fun and design a movie poster that reflects our personality. Home of fd's Flickr Toys

The purpose of this activity is to:

  • introduce yourself
  • get to know your classmates
  • use and familiarize yourself with the Canvas Discussion features. (THIS IS THE LMS WE USE AT HCC. YOU MAY WANT TO EDIT THIS TO REFLECT THE LMS YOU USE.)

Assignment Instructions
1. Visit Big Huge Labs,, and create your own movie poster. This movie poster should reflect something about you. Include the following elements in your poster:

  • Image (Pick an image that reflects you or something you aspire to become.)
  • Movie Title (What do you want your movie to be called?)
  • Tagline 1 & 2 (What is the main theme or catchy phrase for your movie?)
  • Acting Credits (Who is important to you at home, school, work, etc.?)
  • Production Credits (What is important to you at home, school, work, etc.?)
    Note: Share only what you are comfortable with sharing.

2. Save the image to your computer or the Dropbox website for easy uploading.

3. Reply to this post with the following (instructions for replying in Canvas Discussions):

Your name, occupation and program/major you are studying (or interested in studying).
Describe why you chose the image, title and acting/production credits for your movie poster. Explain what it reflects about you?

If you want, upload a picture of yourself as well, share your favorite links and other relevant information to help us get to know you.

4. Attach or insert your movie poster to your discussion post.

5. After submitting your own post, interact with your classmates and help us all get to know one another. For full points you must thoughtfully respond to at least two other classmate's posts.



Rajone A. Lyman, M.Ed.

Hi Essie,

The directives have been posted!Smiley Very Happy

Rajone A. Lyman, M.Ed.