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Using an Online Library: Questia for Writers

Valued Contributor

Hi, fellow instructors!


If your students research or write papers, you might want to share some information about digital library usage with them. For those of you who use MindTap, this is a reminder that a digital library is built-in to some disciplines through the Questia app. If you've never used it before, now is your chance to give Questia a shot. I share some ideas here as well as explain the app for those of you unfamiliar with it. Have a look!


Also, you may like listening to this podcast where Kina Lara and I chat about higher ed teaching, online learning, technology, and our passion for education.















If you have an experience with a digital library to share, post it below. Or if you have any tricks and tips for helping your students learn how to use the library, feel free to share those. If you have any questions about Questia, I am happy to try to answer them as well. 


Thank you for doing what you do in the classroom, and best wishes for a productive semester!


--Audrey Wick


Great Podcast!  I have an embedded librarian in my online class to help my computer concepts students do research using our SSC Library online database..:).


Questia is also a great tool for helping students understand how to avoid plagiarism. I embed the plagiarism tutorial in my public speaking courses and have found that it really does help students understand how to avoid it. In my opinion, Questia is great for writers but it's also very useful for public speakers, as well!

Valued Contributor

Very good reminder of this, Diane! Thank you so much for that tip.