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Speed Dating Review - Update


Good Morning All,


A couple of weeks ago I posted Speed Dating --an unsual icebreaker. I turned this icebreaker into a review of the concepts covered the first three weeks in class. It was alot of fun and sent a message to students that maybe, just maybe, they should read the chapter. After this exercise, I e-mailed students the questions (25) for them to complete before the next class session. This activity allowed students to get up, move around, review the chapters and meet new classmates. Pictures below are posted with their permission. I hope you have a great semester.

Engaging Essie

EDUC_SpeedDatingReview_2.JPGOh my! I thought I knew the answer!EDUC_SpeedDatingReview_1.JPGHey guys! I guess we need to read the chapter!


I love this idea! I read about it in one of the teaching books I read ("Small Teaching" perhaps?).  Now I gotta try it! Thank your students for letting us post their pictures too.