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Reflecting on the semester and gearing up for the next one


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It's the end of the semester and time for reflection on your courses.
What worked?  What didn't?
What can I do to enhance my course or content?
I don't have all the answers, but I seek to find what works for my course and my students...I hope we can share? 🙂
I have been interested and inspired lately from ....ideas generated from Sir Ken Robinson and new pedagogy related to adaptive learning.
In a nutshell....what intrigues me with Sir Ken Robinson is his thoughts on seeking to understand the diversity of human intelligence and creativity and the other thought to go along with this is how to create adaptive learning in my course.
I teach courses in all different modalities (seated, hybrid, and online).  Each has different nuances....but I find myself trying to deliver in the same manner which in and of itself is a problem.
I am inspired by the creativity process of developing a course but when online I feel like the course runs on its own which makes for the missing social component that is necessary.  Humans are social.  Think about what students are interested in or how they communicate in today's world.  They like games (video), they watch YouTube, read blogs, and are on SnapChat (or similar apps).
So why are video games popular?  They pick up the game play, fail, repeat as many times as necessary until the succeed or master.  All along the way they are learning, using critical thinking, and is totally self motivated.  So I ask myself...what is it that holds their interest?  Why can't my course content be like this?
I need to move away from memorization (it is still important) but with the power of Google it can be accessed for recall at anytime and move to more critical thinking and application knowledge.
My reflection?  I am guilty of presenting content using technology and not creating learning environments that are adaptive (learning personalized).
How can I change this?
  1. For courses where I have SAM ....I am going to start implementing SAM Paths (
  2. For courses where I have Mindtap ... I need to learn more about Learning Paths
  3. For courses where I have no textbook or digital material....I am going to attempt to blaze a trail....YouTube here we come.
I would love to hear from others.  What are doing to incorporate adaptive learning/student-centered/personalized learning in your courses?

This video training will guide you through the process of taking a SAM Path Assignment.



I'm with you - at the end of every semester I sigh and then start to ask myself what I could have done better and what I will do better next semester.  I've been learning a lot from the Teaching in Higher Ed podcast. Have you heard of it? I went over to their website and found a few episodes that address some of what you mention above:


Really excellent podcast. Great interviews with profs doing interesting things in their classes.


THANK YOU!  I have been looking for some podcasts.  I am definitely adding them to my feed.   


The end of this semester is no different than every other semester I've had for the past 30 years; I'm still wondering what I could've done better.  Reflection is important for the growing process and I'm always amazed at some of my colleagues who change nothing in their courses and keep delivering them the same way each semester, no matter what.  Heck, I'd be bored and I certainly know my students would be too, if I didn't spice them up with current trends, technologies and pedagogies.  Here's to learning something new over the holidays to add to my Spring classes..:).   Cheers!