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Pathway decisions by 15 hours


Texas Student Success Council has submitted (draft form) their 2017 policy recommendations for education and workforce alignment. Below are two recommendations. Do you believe a student can successfully select a pathway by 15 hours (bullet No. 1)? I know that there are several developmental students at our community colleges who take at least a year to complete their developmental sequence. Does your institution require the selection of a pathway this soon? What are your thoughts on the second recommendation?


  • Require community college students to select a pathway (major or meta major) by 15 hours
  •  Incorporate ‘productive transfer college knowledge’ into activities and courses aimed at building ‘college knowledge' to inform students of the importance of getting on a pathway early, particularly if they intend to transfer, and the consequences of delaying this decision. Incorporate these efforts into high school counseling, college prep courses, community college orientations, student success courses, etc.


Note: The Texas Success Council operates under the guidance of Educate Texas, a public-private initiative of Communities Foundation of Texas.




North Carolina requires all College Transfer students to take a 2 hour course called College Transfer Success.  As part of that course, they are required to complete an academic plan that matches, major selection to university and university requirements.   The goal is to encourage early career path selection and to maximize transfer potention.   Ideally, they take the course during their first semester. 


As you know the reality is that some students "know" what they want to do and others flounder.





Thank you Sherri,


Requiring students who transfer in the the college or university take a course of this nature is a good idea. However, many schools do not have this requirement. 


Many students are taking developmental courses for at least their first 2 semester and are nor ready to decide upon a major.


it will be interesting if this bill is presented to the legislature. I will keep the community informed.