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Motivational Quotes

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Hello All,


This semester I want to begin or end each class with a motivational quote for my students to ponder. I am creating a Power Point to include a different quote for each class session. No discussion required...just for them to reflect.



IfOpportunityDoesNotKnock.jpgDo you have a quote to share? If so, please reply. I have attached one that motivates me. 


Engaging Essie




Students really like this one.




Good luck this semester.




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A quote for all those struggling students who need some extra motivation. Keep�

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Don't watch the clock. Do what it does. Keep  gong. Samuel Levenson


Or "I Don't Quit. Either I Win or I learn" Nelson Mandela


I have the students look up motivational quotes about the different topics we are studying for the week and have them post to our message board along with a brief statement about how this motivates them.