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How Important is Confidence?


We would love to get your insights regarding student confidence. How important is it to learning? What do you think helps students to be more confident to ask questions in class? 


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I completed the survey (possibly twice, so I apologize if so).  Hopefully both responses are similar.  This is a great topic.  I believe that incorporating this subject matter into our courses would be very valuable.  First, we make ourselves aware of the importance of student/learner confidence.  Next, we share the basic foundation with students, including suggestions for creating and continual fostering of confidence.


I took the survey....  yes self-confidence was the word I was looking for.....  but in response to a comment in the SmartTutor article, "For students, maintaining a high level of self-confidence is absolutely necessary. Students make themselves vulnerable by taking risks and reaching beyond their present abilities. They have to be open to criticism and feedback without losing faith in their ability to improve. This can be a difficult challenge. But with a strong belief in your ability to do your best, you can open yourself to new ideas. You can learn a new skill if you are not afraid to make mistakes."  I want to add that as instructors, especially at the CC level, we have to be aware of this vulnerability for students.  In some cases we need to be that cheerleader that they never had.  So one thing I make sure to always do is to provide positive feedback on each assignment followed by my critique.  This way the student starts to believe they can do this work they just need to finish, make some minor changes or whatever the assignment calls for.  Typically this encourages them to complete or resubmit their work.  I don't penalize for wrong or incomplete work but it must be resubmitted correctly for a regrade.