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FitBits in Education


I'm always trying to think of ways to engage (and entertain) my students. Last Spring I submitted a mini-grant proposal called "FIT-BITs" for Education to combine my two loves (fitness and teaching technology).  I asked and received 10 FitBits to use in my (Intro Computing) classroom to teach students about the hardware, wireless, syncing, blue tooth, apps, downloading data, and analytics as they work in teams for a month to gather, analyze and present their information!  This should be a fun team project and exercise where they learn about these basic computer concepts in an engaging, gaming, project-based environment.  I've updated my lessons and will report back later on how it goes! 


Just for fun I'm embedding a video in this post just to see how it works..:)


Hi @Sandy_Keeter I just saw an interesting article in Wired about fitbits.  I love the title, "Science says fitness trackers don't work. Wear one anyway" Good article about how trackers actually aren't addictive enough


Can you share any example you have of how you've integrated trackers into your lessons? Would love to see how this is going.




My husband thinks the Fitbit makes me more of a fitness fanatic than I already am because it buzzes me when I don't have enough movement!


We use the Fitbit Zip in every lesson to talk about technology concepts.  First we look at Fitbit in the news to see what's going on with the company as a business or any new technology devices they've released.


One of our lessons is on Networking, so students work in groups to see how the networking concepts relate to the fitbit.  They open a collaborative OneNote file and add their findings. Below is an outline of what one of my student groups added to OneNote.



  • Telecommunications
    • Cellular Network
      • If a consumer desires to automatically sync all data to a cellphone, this would occur mainly on a cellular network (the phone would constantly be looking for the data from Bluetooth) as the data would then be passed to the Fitbit server
      • As quoted: “The Fitbit device syncs with the server using the phone as a pipe, it doesn't sync with the phone itself”
    • Wireless Data Communications
      • The Fitbit wirelessly transmits data over to the cellphone via a Bluetooth connection
      • Once turned on, the phone must be paired to the device and then the data would be sent over continuously
    • Computer network
      • An internet connection would be required to access the recorded data from a computer and sync all data with the servers (the phone acts as a conduit)