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What are you favorite free tools for engaging your students? Mindtap Components, i-Lrn, web, etc. Name and give a description, please!


For public speaking, MindTap Outline Builder! This app walks students through the process of building a high-quality speech outline.

For interpersonal communication, MindTap Connect Yard! Students connect to others in their class via their preferred communication platform (Facebook, Twitter, email, SMS). I assign activities, ask discussion questions, and lurk as I see how they connect with one another.

Both are excellent engagement tools, although there are more. 


REMIND: a way to remind students of deadlines, chat real-time, etc.


Wordle: a way to display words that are used multiple times in responses/essays


StoryBird: helps students visualize what they are writing back OR locate images to go with their writing


In MindTap:


YouSeeU: interview software that is SO user-friendly! Helps students with answering questions "on the spot" and on camera


PathBrite: digital software so students can build portfolios and take them with them!


Questia: research database for students, has writing projects, writing review tools, etc. Great resource!




Hey Jenny (@jenny_billings),


Can students see each other's portfolio in Mindtap or is there a way to share with others via PathBrite (outside of MT)?


Absolutely. From the homescreen of, where all the portfolios are shown, students can "share" by sharing link, copying link, or emailing link. Smiley Happy



Thanks, I see that..Smiley Happy.  It would be great if I could automatically see my student's profiles within MT, but not seeing a way to do that so I guess I will set up a Discussion and have them share their links.Share.png



I see a lot of Cengage content shared on the activity feed and wondered how that gets there?CengageActivityFeed_PathBrite.png





Yes, it would be great (and I'm not sure how that shows up). That could be an "ask" for us...for this to take place in MindTap too. Smiley Happy


In a class that uses MindTap, my students LOVE ConnectYard. I have had them tell me it is the closest thing to their social media accounts that we have on campus. I use this in place of any of our LMS tools and they much prefer it.


I'd love to hear more about how you use Connect Yard, I've found the app to be confusing way to hold a discussion because you can only have one discussion at a time and overlapping threads are hard to follow.


@Joey_Bryant uses ConnectYard @lisa_boragine and was just featured in an Engaging Educator article..Smiley Happy!


There are a couple of ways I do this. First, if I want everyone to discuss a specific topic, I will start the discussion and have everyone respond to my post. A second way is to tell everyone to use a hashtag in their post. For example, I may tell everyone to put #HIPAA in their post. This puts #HIPAA in the trending area on the right side of the screen. I can then click on the tag and it will pull every post that uses the hashtag. This makes it very easy to pull posts on certain topics. I hope this helps.


My favorite MindTap tools for engagement are:


The Mobile App.--This provides my students with ubiquitous access to the resources for my classes. They work on-the-go.


The e-book--The embedded activities, encourage the students to read the text and apply what they have read, engaging with the written content.






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In MindTap - specifically in my f2f classes I like to use the You Decide module. We read through the scenario, then discuss and vote on which approach to take...then take it and find out what's next. Although I know which path will provide the optimal results, I use the discussion as a way to get students to justify why they made the selection (right or wrong). 

No one gets to be a spectator and everyone gets a voice in the choice.


Hey Eugene,


What course/book has You Decide Modules.  I'm not sure I've ever seen those in MT.