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Did They Read the Chapter?


Howdy!Game_IHaveYouHave_MW_Noon.pngI Have...You Have


Remember, icebreakers are not just for week 1. After week one, I call my icebreakers, “Brain Warmers.”


This game is called, “I Have, You Have.” Students have received the assignment to read Chapter 1 before coming to class. We know that only some students will actually read and annotate the chapter. With this short Brain Warming activity, the instructor sends a hidden message to slackers:




  1. I have 24 students. On twelve cards, I type twelve different questions from the reading.
  2. On another 12 cards, I type the answer.
  3. As students enter the room, I will have the directions displayed on the screen. They are to pick up one card and find their mate (answer or question card).
  4. Afterwards, we listen to the questions and answers. If students found the correct match, they sit down.
  5. If the student did not read the correct question and answer, they huddle with the remaining students to find the card with the correct answer.
  6. The students sitting down begin searching for the answer.


This activity gets the student up and moving and it only takes 10 minutes. It was fun to see students “High Five” their partner because they had the correct answer. You can modify this activity to meet any discipline. I laminate the cards so they can be used the next semester.


I LOVE this @essie_childers!


Interesting activity Essie.  Let me just make sure I have one of the steps clear. In step 5 you say, “f the student did not read the correct question and answer". Do you mean "if the student did not find their mate" they then have to huddle?


Also: if the students sitting down find the answer faster than those still huddling, do they shout out the answer?


Good Morning Michael. Sorry, I have been off the radar working on a huge community project that is about to be "born." I am back now.


You are correct. If they team up with someone and the answer is incorrect, they must huddle with the remaining students and try to find the answer. The students will only be allowed to sit down if they have the correct question and the correct answer.



Love this and plan to try it.




Love this, Essie! I am going to use this idea in my nutrition class. Thank you!

Frequent Commenter

This is so clever! 🙂 

I like to kick off each of my classes with a "brain smart start" and they range from discussing quotes to 'would you rather' questions to short videos  ( think Kid President from Soul Pancake).  I find it to be a good way to get students to put down their phones, take out their ear buds and begin engaging before the meaty class discussion/lecture begins. 


@kristibarker Kristi, what's a "would you rather" question? Sounds interesting.


I like the fact that this could also be useful for getting students to sit in a different place.  "Sit with your partner" could help shake things up and get students out of a rut of always associating with the same people.

Valued Contributor

Love this! Wonderful idea for group cohesion, @essie_childers, along with a quick check of students' understanding. Thanks so much!




Essie!!! I love this! I am going to use this in my reading course this week! I will have students also have the online textbook in the Cengage app ready to go, in case they can't find their answers. Thanks for sharing!!!

Valued Contributor

I can envision using this activity in a math class. I'm trying to think how I could implement it virtually/online?


As students log into the course for a particular week, they get one of the numbered virtual cards available and... Well not sure how they could seek out other students with virtual cards?? Maybe a meet up space (Zoom)?? Doing this asynchronously is tough for me to envision.


Good point Mike.  I'm not sure how you could do this in an online me thinking. Could FlipGrid be used for an activity like this? @KBidari @Sandy_Keeter @ProfessorCorinne- you all are familiar with FligGrid - what do you think? Could it be used in an online course for this kind of activity?


I use Flipgrid all the time in my online classes. Flipgrid is an active, social learning platform that engages learners through video-based discussion. The app extends the web-based environment and creates new possibilities for reflection, discussion, demonstration and collaboration.


This is amazing and I am definitely going to use it in the Spring!


You and your students will love it!!