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Critical Thinking Exercises - How to Put One Together


Here's a brief video on how I put together the critical thinking exercise that used Koko the gorilla as a starting point. Ideas from Ken Bain's book, "What the Best College Teachers Do" were very helpful.




  1. What the Best College Teachers Do - Ken Bain
  2. Koko, the gorilla who mastered sign language, has died
  3. We wanted to believe in Koko, and so we did
  4. Koko: Gorilla death coverage rekindles language debate
  5. Koko The Signing Gorilla Is Just California Dreaming

Thanks, Michael! I am going to try and put one together for my nutrition class. Very interesting!


Good to hear Terry.  Let us know how it goes or send a link.  Would love to take a look when it's done.