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Critical Thinking: A Circle of Ideas


Most people grow old within a small circle of ideas, which they have not discovered for themselves.



I came across a great website which provides free education resources on critical thinking, creative thinking, and philosophy.


The brainchild of Jesse Richardson, was founded on the belief that the key to engaging future generations is to teach them how, and not what, to think.




Among the resources available via, all of which have been published under a creative commons license, are:


  • Your Logical Fallacy Is - this is a microsite dedicated to helping people identify flaws in reasoning by taking common logical fallacies in turn and condensing them into a single, simple sentence that anyone can understand.
  • Your Bias Is - a website featuring 24 of the most common cognitive biases.


Not only is School of Thought an excellent resource in and of itself, but it also provides a great platform from which to design some engaging activities.


Among the issues and questions students could be asked to reflect upon are:


  • "Real world" examples of logical fallacies and cognitive bias.
  • Of all the featured cognitive biases, which do students think is the most pervasive and why?
  • The relationship between flaws in reasoning, cognitive bias and Fake news.
  • The extent to which the claim in the quote above from the 18th Century still holds true.