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Create College Success Groups (CSG)


Hello All,


This semester I used Popsicle sticks to place students in groups.


  1. Popsicles are placed in a zip lock bag and circulated around the room or placed in a cup as they walk in (instructions are placed on the projector).
  2. I ask students to choose their favorite flavor. I had six different Popsicle colors (4 colors in each).
  3. Before students assembled in their groups, I asked students about the ingredients that make Popsicles so tasty.
  4. Then, we talked about the ingredients of a successful student.
  5. At the end, all students who pulled a blue Popsicle move to a certain number in the room. All students who chose an orange Popsicle, moved to another number and so forth.
  6. Once in their groups they were to exchange contact information and report to the class five things they had in common.

These groups stay together during the semester and will teach a section of a chapter later in the semester (Assignment: Student Teach Another). Students have an opportunity to work with their group members every other week.


What is surprising is that the students bond with their group and meet outside of class. This is one way to create a warm, inclusive engaging classroom. Students feel that they belong and they matter. Do you have some ways in which you have created an inclusive classroom? I would love to hear from you.


There are several things we've tried over the years - oncampus and online, but in my online classes, we're having a lot of success with Creating space for Open Discussions lately!  Students start various topics related to the course or NOT (versus me directing them) and seem very open to discussing quite a few diverse topics.  I'm in there to monitor and facilitate, but have not had any issues so far - knock on wood!