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College Graduates Are Optimistic


Cengage recently sent out a survey to over 2,500 recent college grads and the results are quite interesting. A "Student Opportunity Index" was calculated and it appears that in many areas of life students are optimistic. Some of the results that stuck me are:


  • Men tend to be more optimistic with 49 percent thinking the country is going in the right direction, while only 29 percent of women agree.
  • Only 36 percent of recent and upcoming grads believe the country is headed in the right direction, and almost half (48 percent) believe it is headed in the wrong direction.
  • Recent and upcoming graduates identifying as Republican tend to be more optimistic about their future than Democrats (90 percent to 79 percent), and Republican respondents also think the economic outlook is better than Democrats (73 percent to 39 percent)."

Here's one startling stat worth talking with students about:





The large difference between the confidence level of men and women is interesting.  Any thoughts on that?


More results from this survey are available here.