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Be an Unstoppable Professor – Be Engaged, Be Connected




I am presenting at TCCTA (Texas Community College Teachers Association) in Frisco, TX next Friday introducing Adjunct educators to this Community. I have included part of my abstract below (thank you Michael Britt).


So, I thought it would be great to include some quotes from you. How has The Cengage Higher Ed Faculty Community assisted you in engaging your students?  


Thank you, ahead of time, for your input.


An unstoppable professor is one who continues to elevate their learning and is willing to absorb new technology. This session will reveal an exciting new resource created exclusively for college and university faculty. Learn new ways to connect with faculty across the United States who teach in your discipline. The Cengage Higher Ed Faculty Community is unique – it is the only community actively managed by working higher Ed faculty. 


Engaging Essie



Hi Essie,

I enjoy it when my colleagues post ideas for discussions (like the one Michael Britt published a couple of days ago about discussion questions appropriate for discussion of the Parkland, Florida shooting) and also ideas about apps (both inside and outside of MindTap) that can help me engage students. Not only do I use the information in my own classes, I also take advantage of the opportunity to share the information with my colleagues.


  • The community definitely gives me new innovative ideas for my classes and I love the networking with peers!

Thank you Sandy for your comment. I will share it with my group today.


Thank you Diane. I think sharing ideas we have gleamed from this site is so powerful. Just two days ago, I found a video and article about being a culturally sensitive teacher. 


Thanks for asking Essie. Our goal here at the community is not just to write "potentially interesting posts", but rather to post ideas AND questions/activities that instructors can use that day in their classes.


Do't we all get excited when we read something in the news or watch something on TV and say to ourselves, "That's really interesting and I'm going to talk about that in class today!".


The problem is that often, beyond just mentioning the bit of news in class, we're often not sure how to really "dig" into it - how to get students to really think about the event - agree with it or disagree with it - we want them to think about it.


Hopefully the community does this - provides a tidbit of info and specific suggestions on how to really dig into it in class. 


I think our best examples of this are:




Thank you Michael,


You will be live with my Focus Group today at the TCCTA Conference. Check in after 5pm CST to see new posts from new uses of this site.


Thank you for sharing the Power Point.


Engaging Essie



Thank you Michael... I am really enjoying this community!  Way to go Cengage!  I love reading all these posts and all the new ideas I am adding to my bank of activities for the fall.  Thank you.....  to tie this into your quote post

” Those Who Try To Do Something And Fail Are Infinitely Better Than Those Who Try To Do Nothing And Succeed"

Lloyd Jones



I love that quote! 


You teach Intro Computing, correct? You should definitely check out what Mark Ciampa is writing about in the computing blog. I especially like his post that contains guidelines on strong passwords. Lots of great topics being explored in that blog.