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Alternatives to PowerPoint


Okay, okay..I like it too, but there are alternatives.  




Has anyone heard of this new tool called Visme? It's like an online PowerPoint tool. Here's a simple presentation. This is still in "slide format" so it's not a revolution, but there are some cool tools it has that PowerPoint doesn't.




I've found that Visme has a bigger library of stock images and shapes that you can use in your presentations and the animation capabilities are more intuitive than PowerPoint.  Also, you can get stats on how many people visited your presentation on each day (so you can find out if your students are actually looking at it). 

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That looks cool. Can you import PowerPoint slides and then add other stuff?


Hi Reggie.  You can import a .ppt file.  I've tried it and it probably won't import the slides as nicely as you'd like. It can import the slides as images (which aren't editable) or Visme can import the text of the slides (which is editable), but then you lose all formatting you might have applied in PowerPoint. 




Prezi has been around for years but I'm finally seeing students use it in ways that don't seem...odd. Used correctly, the zoom in and zoom out and around can actually add to the understanding of the presentation rather than just make you a little disoriented.  


Here's a good one that a colleague created:



Anyone have any good Prezi's they'd like to share?







Have you heard of this tool? I think it's pretty neat and very different from PowerPoint.  Similar in some ways to Prezi.  Here's an example of a videoscribe I created earlier this year:



I'll have to admit that the learning curve with Videoscribe is a little high. It can be frustrating to figure out at first.

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Visme looks simple and easy to use. Thank you for sharing.


E3222D77-A01A-4367-802B-3222A4D465D3Here's a new tool: Adobe Spark Video. It's very powerpoint-like, but simpler to use.  I even had students create mini-presentations with it in class.  Very quick to put together. Here's one my students put together on the concept of the Gestalt principles of organization: