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After Break Interview


I teach business management and organizational behavior. Learning to speak in front of people and building relationships is critical in business.  To engage my students when semesters start as well as when they return from Spring Break, I ask them to choose a class partner and conduct an "interview" with each other. After the interview, student A stands up and introduces student B to the class. I give them the questions to ask each other. Some of the things I use are:

1. Name

2. Where are you from?

3. Are you the first in your family to attend college?

4. Why are you taking the class?

5. What was something you did fun over the break?

6. Name something little known about yourself that you would like to share with the class?


This is usually a hit with the students and it makes them comfortable with speaking in front of people which is essential in business.


Cool idea Preston.  I've heard about this "interview" idea but the questions you include in your post are very helpful.  Might give this a shot!


I just received an excellent presentation about the Cengage Faculty Community by Essie Childers at the TCCTA conference in Frisco. She suggested that we posted our ideas. The faculty community is a wonderfully collaborative tool.  


Woo hoo Essie - You go girl!


I like the idea of making it an interview!


Thank you Doc Rich for attending the focus group. I love the  After the Break Inteview. Students love to talk about themselves and you are creating an engaged, inclusive classroom throughout the semester.

Enjoy the Conference!

Engaging Essie