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Show Your Students They Can't Multitask

In a related post over in our Engage Your Students area, the research by Jared Horvath is summarized. Horvath created a neat activity that shows the disadvantages to students' attempts to do two things at roughly the same time (multi-switching). In this video Horvath shows you how to carry out the activity:




Give it a try. We created an online version if you'd like share it with students in an online class: click here to participate in the online multi-switching activity.


Remember to stress the following with students:

  1. True "multi-tasking" is impossible. Your brain can't do two things at once. You can only "multi-switch".
  2. When you multi-switch:
    1. you'll do both tasks slower than if you do them one at a time
    2. you'll remember less of both activities.