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Making an Impact with Technology: Promoting Self-Reflection with MindTap Education

By Ericka Davis

Department Chair, Director, Curriculum Coordinator

Early Childhood Education Technology

Hinds Community College


Perhaps the most important thing to realize as a classroom teacher is the importance of providing meaningful and differentiated instruction to students. Understanding what we do and how we approach instruction has a tremendous impact on learning outcomes.


Although many teachers feel they reach each student individually, in my opinion, no one can really tap into the abilities, process of information, motivation to learn and attitudes until they incorporate MindTap into their daily instruction.



Making an Impact with Technology. 74% of students say they’d do better in their courses if their instructors used more technology.* The use of a digital learning tool like MindTap Education in the classroom allows for teachers and students to self-reflect—a skill critical to the teaching profession. This self-reflection can happen at different segments throughout the school year. For instance, teachers can use the analytics embedded in MindTap to prepare instruction that meets the needs of students who’ve not yet mastered the learning objectives and as a precursor to instructional layout and objective setting for the upcoming semester.


Students can also self-reflect using this tool along with other resources in MindTap, like Scenario Applicationswhich enable them to first, develop lessons and activities, then reflect on the activities and provide feedback. This information then feeds over into Pathbrite, an ePortfolio application that empowers students to showcase actual projects, lessons and brochures to demonstrate their abilities and how they self-reflect.


How MindTap Makes a Difference. The use of MindTap helps support various learning styles and promote self-reflection for both teachers and students. Below are four ways MindTap has been a big help in my course.


  1. Preparation – Because students have multiple ways to learn, providing opportunities for them to engage with the content in different ways without compromising how they learn best is crucial. Teachers consider various learning styles as they prepare the learning path for students.
  2. FlexibilityMindTap enables students to use a variety of electronic devices for learning on-the-go. Students have access to supplemental material any time of day, empowering them to learn as they meet their daily life demands.
  3. Application – Through the use of videos and theory-based scenarios, students can put theory into practice and create a portfolio of learning materials to use in class, with parents or on a job search.
  4. Reflection – Instructors can create a teaching and learning pathway that allows for self-reflection and provides quality feedback.


The features and applications in MindTap enable teachers to extend the learning environment and make it more interactive for their students. Additionally, teachers can track student learning, use, and comprehension. MindTap provides some of the best learning tools—ebooks, quizzes, content-based scenarios, and portfolios—to foster better learning outcomes and self-reflection.


Click here to learn how MindTap Education can elevate learning for your future teachers, through self-reflection and more.


* Campus Technology: Three-Quarters of Students Say More Tech Would Improve Their Learning




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