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Use a Screen Capture Tool

If you don't have a screen capture tool load up automatically when you turn on your computer you've got to start now.  I keep finding more and more uses for this kind of tool.  I even use it to grade papers (but that's a future video).


Here I show how I use SnagIt to capture a "click-thru" of a sign up process my students keep asking me about. 



Of course, you don't have to use SnagIt for this kind of thing.  Anybody use a different tool?

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I LOVE Snag-It and use it daily!!

Snagit is just one of those essential tools.  Worth subscribing to for sure.

Hi Michael, 


This is a new tool for me. It sounds user-friendly. I will try it out this week.


New Member

I use Snag-It a lot!  Also, Camtasia is good for video screen capture! 

Camtasia is a great tool as well, though it has a lot more features than Snag-It. It's more of a power-editor.  Similar to ScreenFlow.  Both of these programs could provide more features than you might be looking for - at least initally.