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Use Fill-Ins to Quickly Send Emails to Students

 In the second video in this series I'll show you how I use an advanced feature of a text expander to quickly send emails to a large group of my students.



You can get TextExpander for both Mac and Windows:

  1. Mac version
  2. Windows version


PhraseExpress is an alternative to TextExpander:

  1. Mac version
  2. Windows version


Below you'll find a PDF that walks you through all the key steps I showed in the video.

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Great tip, Michael!  Is the fill-in feature also available in PhraseExpress for PC users?

Good question Kim.  The answer is yes - PhraseExpress calls them "Input Forms", but it's essentially the same idea. I found this video on the PhraseExpress site that shows how it works.


Frequent Commenter

Thanks for sharing.  It appears there is a fee to use TextExapnder and wondering if they offer any type of complimentary version.