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Get Web Pages Read Aloud to You as You Drive to Work
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How many times have you found a webpage you might want to use in class but you just don't have time to read it? I found a quick way to mark get that article translated from text-to-speech so I can listen to it on the way to school:



The speech that you get from this translation isn't exactly "life-like", but it's sounding better every year. The key advantage to listening to an article for me is to determine whether the article is worth returning to later and read in more depth, talk about in class, assign it to students, etc.


Instapaper is a very cool tool that will help you read - and listen to - articles you save from your browser.  Check it out here.


Here are some additional apps that will translate text to speech:


What do you think? Going to give this a try?

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mike spinelli
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It drives me crazy when someone gives me a big long email and I really really want to read it but it's a lot easier on my drivetime which I have a lot of. Still have yet to try it.