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Greetings, hello, and welcome to the start of another great semester!

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Online Learning
Babson College

Hello everyone! Hey, if you haven't seen or used this short video that introduces how to students can register for MindTap (using Canvas), you've really got to check this out! I just got it today and am shipping it out to all my students using MindTap, as well as our instructors who use MindTap in their courses. It's pretty interesting and still informative. 


It's only 4:22 so it is really quick! (Mindtap Access Info)




Thanks to the link to that video Eugene.  Quick question: I noticed that the video mentions the Canvas learning management system.  Is there anything much different if the student is using some other system like Blackboard? 

Valued Contributor
Online Learning
Babson College

There's no significant difference that I'm aware of. I received this from Josh Moore, my Cengage Learning Consultant, so I'm sure there's a similar version of the video for other Learning Management Systems as well. 




All MindTap LMS resources (Canvas, Blackboard, D2L Brightspace and Moodle)  can be found on the MindTap Training page

There are links to LMS specific resources and filters for topics, type, and roles