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Welcome to our Criminal Justice area!
Valued Contributor

Greetings and hello everyone! We are your Cengage Faculty Partners for Criminal Justice.



I'm Dr. Eugene Matthews, a Cengage Faculty Partner and full time faculty at Park University.

Since retiring as a Special Agent from the Army CID, I teach, and have taught a variety of CJ courses and related topics including criminalistics, investigations, crime analysis, security, Interviews and Interrogations, etc.


Over the years I've found some techniques that work better than others, and would enjoy sharing what I know with you and the group. I truly enjoy teaching CJ students, and get excited when I discover better ways to simplify complex content, and cause my students to learn. To that end I hope you will be willing to share your best practices as well!



My name is Scott Domowicz, Academic Dean of the School of Criminal Justice at Pittsburgh Technical College.  I am a retired Special Agent with the Office of Inspector General and have been a Cengage Faculty partner for over five years.  I am looking forward to sharing my insights and experiences and hearing about your challenges and successes.  I believe strongly in project based learning and to that end I am always looking for new ways to present content.  I look forward to sharing ideas that have worked for us!


If you are experiencing teaching challenges, or are simply looking for new or better methods for reaching your CJ students, this is the place to be! Join or start a conversation, ask/answer questions, and share your knowledge and expertise with others in our field right here in the General Criminal Justice Forum! 


Feel free to direct any of your posts to @Eugene_Matthews and/or @rsdomowicz


Thank you, Eugene and Scott, for welcoming everyone to our new Cengage Criminal Justice forum!  I am excited to see how this community can be used by faculty to engage with each other and share best practices to help students be unstoppable in their pursuit of a career in criminal justice.  >> 

Thank you for the warm welcome!  I am a full time online faculty member at Miller-Motte College, Delta Career Education Corporation. I also teach online adjunct at Grand Canyon University, as well as Ashford University.  My topics of instruction range from Critical Issues in Criminal Justice to Ethics and Professional Responsibility in the Law. I am looking forward to learning about all the great resources Cengage has to offer!


--Christina McKay, J.D.

Valued Contributor

It sounds like you're fully engaged in teaching in HigherEd. I'm hoping you're leveraging both technology and resources like MindTap provided by Cengage, as well as those from other content providers to get the job done!

That said, what are a couple of areas that you would like to be better at or perhaps that you're already good at and are willing to share?

On this professional development ship there are no passengers...we're all crew! So I encourage you to ask questions and give feedback when appropriate. I've only been teaching in HigherEd for a little over ten years, so I know I don't know it all. And what I've discovered is if I ask enough questions sooner or later I'll get the answer I need. 


Again, welcome aboard!



Hello Eugene!
Thank you so much for the warm welcome!  I am having the best time teaching in HighEd.  Actually, within my full time faculty position, this is the first time I am utilizing Cengage resources for my class.  I am busy exploring the different features and look forward to learning from the rest of the community on any best practices.  I will most certainly share anything I come across as helpful too.  Right now amongst the three colleges and universities I work for, I utilize LMS LoudCloud, Canvas, and Moodle.  


Have a great day!