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The semester is ending's your class attendance?
Valued Contributor

What are the strategies you use to ensure, increase, or maintain regular attendance by students?

Do you give points for attendance and participation (carrot)?

Do you drop final grade based on unexcused absences (stick)?

Do you sneak in pop quizzes for extra credit (carrot/stick)?


What's your 'secret sauce' to successful class attendance? Everyone has, or should have, at least one viable tactic/technique to use to enhance class attendance, beyond carrot and stick thinking. 

One of mine is to use small group, in-class, mini-assignments that focus on one or two learning objectives, followed by the 'readback' where each group shares what they discovered. For example:

In my criminal investigations course, the topic was cyber/computer crimes. I divided the class into small groups of 3, and gave each student the same list of key terms. I allowed them to use their mobile devices to access MindTap, as well as search engines to define the term in one sentence. 

Each group had a section of key terms, and subdivided the task amongst themselves. 

They got 10 minutes to work the mini assignment, then select a spokesperson to read back for the class, their one sentence definition for the selected term.

Result: Everyone learned a simple way to remember/recall the cyber term/definition. 

Blooms: Students analyzed, synthesized, and curated information.

Impact: Students performed significantly better on the exam.

Attendance: 100%


I don't assign points or credit to this in-class assignment (but I could), and I don't always forewarn the class. It's a nice surprise.


So what do you do that works for you? What's your 'secret sauce' to successful class attendance?