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Happy New Year! (Okay - it's a bit late...but technically it's still January so it counts!)
Valued Contributor

Hello all! For those of you who teach Research courses and have your students distribute surveys, I wanted to let you in on something I discovered and have been successfully using now for ALL of my research classes! Google Drive! I put together a short "how to" video and posted it below if you're interested. The key take-aways that I found were:


  • It's free and easy to use
  • It's reliable and available to anyone with a Gmail account
  • There's not a limit to the number of questions in the survey, or the number of responses you can receive.
  • It's very customizable! You can add video, audio, images, etc., to enhance or explain your survey questions.
  • Even though the results are reflected with rudimentary charts, you can export the results to an excel sheet and analyze them with your favorite statistical software package (R, SPSS, SASS, etc.)


If you nee more information feel free to contact me I'd be happy to help, and more importantly, if you have your favorite go to tools, this is an excellent place to share them with others who do what you do!


Take care, be well, and have a great year!