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Enhance your CJ MindTap course using this video

Hello to all my fellow CJ instructors,


While discussing Contemporary Challenges in Policing you may want to incorporate this video on "How Colorado is handling the legalization of Marijuana":



Link to this video



How to add video to your MindTap course



With the advent of states either legalizing or contemplating the legalization of marijuana, our law enforcement officers are put in a difficult position. As with the use of alcohol, the legalization of marijuana can create the need for law enforcement intervention from the physical and social effects.  Using this video to stimulate classroom discussion as well as student critical thinking relative to how and why law enforcement may need to intervene for various reasons would certainly enhance your CJ MindTap course. 


You may want to insert the video onto your learning path in the "Contemporary Challenges" chapter and add specific questions for students to answer as if they were law enforcement officers.


Remind them that just because something is legal doesn't mean there are no legal ramifications.