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Detectives: Why So Socially Awkward?

A recent post by the satirical site The Onion was entitled, "Affable Detective With Healthy Personal Life Hasn’t Solved Case In Months". The post does make you wonder: why are detectives on TV often portrayed as having significant "personality flaws"? They're usually odd in some way - often not talkative and usually socially awkward. Maybe this is just a way to keep the audience guessing as to what he or she is up to...?   


Here are a few detective TV shows that I've been watching that I think are great, but left me wondering why the detective was so...quirky and their personal lives are awful:


 I'll bet you would fine this interesting @Horace_Vandegelder


You are correct; I have noticed quirky characteristics of detectives in shows.  I wonder if the detective character traits that you mentioned provide the audience reasons to become "detectives" in order to figure out the detective character, a reason to keep wondering and watching to decipher what mysterious secret the detective may be hiding?  Thus, the mysterious detective solves mysteries...

You're probably right Donna. I've noticed that somestimes the detective will have a "sidekick" to whom he/she explains their thinking. But if there's no sidekick, then the audience has to do a little more work to figure out what's going on. Like when we see the detective notice something in a room, but doesn't say anything then we have to try to figure out why the detective thought that thing was important... 


These chaps would get my vote for the ultimate socially awkward 'consulting' detective and sidekick combo!



Yes! One of the greatest and most complex friendships (and police partnerships) in all of literature. Thanks for sharing that video. I like Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock.

Great video.  I've watched every episode of this show and I remember watching him give this speech. Incredibly touching.  Thanks for reminding us David.