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Death Penalty for NYC Bike Path Terrorist?

On October of 2017 Sayfullo Saipov ruthlessly drove a pickup truck into a bike path in NYC which ended with the deaths of 8 people and injuries to a dozen other people walking the path that day. Saipov was arrested by police that day.


The evidence against him is insurmountable; including almost 1,000 audio file and over 1,800 videos. Should the government pursue the death penalty in this case? Sounds like certain victory.

So what do his Public Defenders do in this case? They decided to recommend that the government not pursue the death penalty because:


  • Death penalty cases require more preparations than non death penalty cases
  • It's very time consuming
  • The trial probaby couldn't even start until late in 2019
  • A death penalty trial would require the added burden of having victims recount the painful events of the attack.

They're recommending a plea of guilty with life in prison and no possibility of parole.



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