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Creating Impactful Classroom Experiences: A Criminal Justice Student’s Perspective
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You have reports to draft, meetings to attend, and many other demands a full-time career brings. You also have a stack of papers to grade, quiz questions to craft, and resources to locate for your next lecture. Being both a working professional and a college instructor can be challenging. Here’s how MindTap helped me make the impossible workload, possible.  


How MindTap Transformed My Teaching


One of the most important things MindTap does for me: saves me time. This digital tool helps me cover all the core content in my course without sacrificing the enriching classroom experiences that keep my students motivated and engaged.


Essentially, MindTap provides up-to-date, real-world, quality resources and assignments for my students so I can spend less time searching for content and more time:


  • Building a sense of community with my students, which increases their chances of completing their degree
  • Inviting guest speakers to share their experiences in the field with my class
  • Taking students to community events that foster career exploration and demonstrate the realities of Criminal Justice careers
  • Getting to know my students and helping them develop into great people and excellent Criminal Justice practitioners


MindTap Criminal Justice has changed my teaching for the better. Using it in my courses throughout the years has really allowed me to teach the way I wish I had been taught. No longer do I spend large chunks of time just developing or finding content. Now, I’m able to spend my time in a more valuable way—developing my students!


Why Students are Feeling the Impact


The change I see in myself from using MindTap Criminal Justice is amazing. But, the transformation I see in my students is even more incredible. They are engaging with the material in a different way. They are talking about the content before class and sharing ideas and opinions in meaningful discussions. 


  • Learn on the go with great resources like the eReader, ReadSpeaker and flashcards

Be the Change You Want to See


When you talk with your students, what do they say they want from their college experience?  From your Criminal Justice course? Ask them! Not only will you learn a lot, but I bet you’ll hear answers a lot like this one from Myca Poynter, one of my Criminal Justice students featured in this blog’s corresponding video. 



"When I see these videos [in MindTap Criminal Justice], and then they're talking about drug overdoses or police brutality…, it’s like, wow, these things are really happening in the world. It puts everything into real life terms".


My conversation with Myca was very enlightening. Just by having a casual chat with her, I was able to pinpoint what was most important to her and how she perceived my course. 


I encourage you to have similar conversations with your CJ students. You’ll discover quickly how they can help you transform your teaching to better meet their needs and career goals. 

Isn’t that what it’s all about? 


How has MindTap helped you enhance your own teaching? What other strategies do you use to impact the learning experience of your CJ students in your course? Share your teaching suggestions in the comments.


1 Comment
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Good morning fellow Criminal Justice Instructors!  With the new year just around the corner, it brings with it a new round of classes and a new round of CJ students.  What a great time to reflect on what improvements you would like to implement in the new year.  I hope you enjoyed reading my blog and that it gave you at least one great idea for the new semester....trying out MindTap for Criminal Justice in your classrooms!


I would love to hear from the community about how you all are impacting the learning experiences of CJ students in your courses.  If you currently use MindTap, what feedback have you received from your students?  If you are using other ways to get your students engaged and excited about learning, what are you doing?  Let's do our students justice by starting the new year off right with a conversation of strategies that inspire best practices in teaching and learning!