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Can HarassMap Combat Sexual Harassment?

We often think that sexual harassment occurs in workplaces, but it also occurs far too often in subtle ways in public; buses and subways for example. Ask your students if they have ever intervened in a situation where someone was being harassed.


Here's a unique approach to combating this situation: Harassmap. The idea is that victims and observers overcome passivity (and the problems of bystander intervention and diffusion of responsibility) and in addition to taking action they can report the incident which will be mapped on the Harassmap website.


HarassMap is based on the idea that if more people start taking action when sexual harassment happens in their presence, we can end this epidemic together. We support individuals and institutions to stand up to sexual harassment before or when they see it happen. By taking a collective stand against sexual harassment, re-establishing social consequences for harassers – and making role models of people who stand up to them – we believe that harassers can be deterred from harassing again.




  • After taking a look at the Harassmap website, do students think that this approach will have an effect on incidences of harassment?
  • "it's just a map" - how can law enforcement use the information on the map to combat the problem?