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When will your Institution Move to Office 365?


We're interested to learn more about your institutions plans to move to Office 365?  


How do you partner with your IT Directors, or Lab coordinators to determine the appropriate timing to make a change?  Do you have a voice in those decisions?


If using Office 365, how often do you update the software in your labs? 


If you are still considering making the move, what is holding you back?  




We moved to Office 365 this Fall and can't be happier; everything is working well and we love the new SAM 2019 Projects.  It made sense for us all around... 


The IT guys could not hold back updates to our campus computers any longer (can't remember the rule on that but I believe @ProfessorCorinne mentioned 18 months?) and our students were getting the most up to date version when they installed at home (so the Office 2016 books were not matching what we were seeing on our computers).  


I say make the leap!  You'll be happy you did..:).  By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY @Jill_S !!!

Frequent Commenter

We moved to Office 365 this previous Summer 2019 with a full roll-out in time for Fall 2019 semester. We (C/S and IT faculty) worked with our IT department and Microsoft to figure out the best solution. All faculty and staff computers, class-room, and labs etc... have 365 on them. Our college has delayed updates for 2 semesters for each year. In other words, the Fall and Spring semesters will not get updates, then every summer they will unleash updates to prepare for the new Fall semester.  Students get a copy of Office 365 through using their college account. When they use 365 through their college account it has been set-up to delay updates for the same time span too.  We are looking into changing it to update every semester, but there is strong division on if this is the best practical way to do it, because of textbooks, IT resources, and just the idea of changes and dealing with them every semester instead of yearly.

Prof Lon