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What supplemental materials do you use in your course?


Happy New Year! I hope you all had an enjoyable and restful holiday season. 


It's hard to believe that another semester is upon us again. When I was teaching, this was the time I would be scrambling to find new and updated assets for my course, such as videos, websites, etc. I found that using supplemental materials helped to make my courses more relevant, interactive, and fun. Of course, I didn't have all of the great coursework that Cengage offers Smiley Wink


Do you pull in supplemental materials into your courses? I thought it might be a good idea to start a thread here so we can share ideas and perhaps borrow what other instructors are using. Please share anything you may use in class, assign to your students, or build into your MindTap learning path (if you're a MindTap user).


This is my favorite example (and if you teach soft skills or communication along with computing feel free to steal this): In my communications courses, I had a unit on building rapport. I used to show a clip from The Office (my favorite show) from the episode "The Merger" where a new employee seeks to build rapport with his new boss by using some of the skills we discussed in class. It was over-exaggerated and comical of course, but my students loved it and it always led to a engaged discussion.





We use technology RSS feeds or podcasts for an initial discussion activity each week.   Students talk about how it relates to what we are covering in class or how it affects their daily activities.  If it's a new technology device, I ask the students what more they would want from technology and to start thinking of an app they can design or a product they can build!  Even though my students are adults, we sometimes even have "show and tell" with some of the new technology they purchase and bring to class..Smiley Happy.


@Sandy_Keeter I think Show and Tell is a great idea!


I can't wait to see all the new gadgets my students got for Christmas..Smiley Happy!


There are several things I do with my Concepts classes. Because most of them are not IS/IT people I have several PCs which I bring in to class and let them open them up, take them apart, and hopefully put them back together when we are learning about hardware. During the module on programming I use activities from Hour of Code. We also have several drones, a 3D printer, and Oculus Rift as resources in our department. These are not only fun, but lead to great discussions about technology today.

Although it has been around for a long time, I use the game Outburst for a creative thinking exercise on brainstorming.


@TerriGee that all sounds like fun! I've heard great things about Hour of Code...I wonder how many of our computing instructors are using that as a tool.