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What’s New in SAM and MindTap w/SAM?


The July 2018 SAM release adds new features and resolves some reported issues for Keyboarding in SAM. Other general updates include support for Cengage Unlimited, workarounds/tips & tricks and resolutions to known issues.


The new SAM User Guide

  • We heard from you and wanted to create a better user experience when looking up functionality in your own time. With our new web based user guides, the answers to your questions can now be more easily accessed in an intuitive web based format.
  • Check out the redesigned SAM User Guide and SAM Admin Guide


The Office Skills Assessment (OSA)

The new SAM OSA is derived from our CAREs research exam where 26 institutions and 997 students were surveyed.  The results yielded proficiency rates in Microsoft Office averaging at just 44%. We wanted to bring this same exam locally to you as an assignable tool (the OSA) to; 

  • prove how “digital natives” doesn’t mean students have mastered Microsoft Office.
  • Convey the importance of your course and the skills you teach by assessing skill levels on day one.

The OSA is a canned assignable exam within SAM and MindTap of those exact tasks. Explore a quick guide for administering OSA.



SAM Reports

  • When students get 100% on the pre-exam of a SAM Path, the incorrect message displays in the report. The report says students have not attempted later portion of the SAM Path assignments.
  • Incorrect scores display when instructors edit both the student’s score and total number of points for an assignment in the Gradebook for Section Results by SAM Path and Training Individual Performance report types.

WORKAROUND: Edit the student score and the total number of points in an assignment in separate steps.

  • The Section Results by Training report generates an extra blank page when instructors export the report in a Word document for 25 or more students.
  • Reports are not generated for Pre and Post components of SAM Path ETE if training component is hidden from "Manage Assignment Types and Weights/Points" option.


SAM Assignments

  • Instructors cannot remove an assignment from a section if another instructor created the assignment.
  • When you create a project and adjust the score and step weight, the data does not remain if instructors return to step one in the Schedule Project workflow.
  • While using Internet Explorer to view the Activity List tab, the Activity List may take up to 10 minutes to load when there are over 1000 activities in the list.

WORKAROUND: Use Chrome or Firefox.

IE specific:

  • Closed captioning is paused when a student right clicks anywhere on the screen, but the audio and video continue.

WORKAROUND: Use a different web browser.

  • When adding a training or exam in Firefox, the Next Step button incorrectly displays as disabled in Step 1 when all required fields are completed. The button functions correctly despite its incorrect appearance.


SAM Sections

  • Instructors cannot use the Communicate feature if they select more than 33 sections.

WORKAROUND: Select fewer than 30 sections at a time.




  • If student’s score 0% on the SAM Path Pre-Exam and the due date has passed, a message states that students got full credit and don’t need further training.
  • When instructors edit the assignment name, the new assignment name does not display on the MindTap Learning Path until the MindTap Activity dialog box is opened and saved.
  • SAM Assignment Reports are not displayed for users who are both a MT/SSO student and a SAM instructor.
  • SAM warning message is not prompted before navigating to an already attempted assignment.
  • The Progress App view button is not displaying in the attempt modal for assignments less than 100%.

WORKAROUND: View report via SAM App from the App dock, Reports tab.

Schedule New and Add Study Center buttons disappear if you navigate back to the Assignments page from the Add Custom Question page.