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Virtual Reality in Education


Virtual reality can be used in education to enhance student learning and engagement and transform the way content is delivered.  "It can open students' minds and allow them to see real world applications of the subject matter through interactivity and immersion in the VR world.  It offers another way for students to learn and brings subject matter to life, making it more interesting and exciting."


Virtual reality is nothing new for many of you and we have several professors who have posted about it and showcased it over the last few years, but for me at SSC, it's a whole new experience!  Some of my colleagues are creating VR lessons using Unity and Blender and challenging the rest of us to create lessons too. 


I'm trying to think of how I could use this when teaching spreadsheets or possibly databases since students have a hard time grasping those concepts.  When teaching about computer hardware or networking, these VR lessons come in handy because they bring the subject matter to life.  Is this something any of you are using or experimenting with at your colleges?  Please share! 


Below are some links to sites with information on VR in Education and some curriculum ideas I think you might find interesting.



Virtual & Augmented Reality in Further & Higher Education

How Virtual Reality Will Change How We Learn and How We Teach


I also found these curriculum ideas on a VR website that might give you some ideas on how it can be used in various classes:



Learn about the circulatory and respiratory system with Anatomyou or take a trip around the solar system with Titans of Space. If you are teaching about cells, why don’t you show students Molecule VR? This gives students a guided tour of different cell structures and provides a running commentary along the way.


Technology and Engineering

Take students through the history of computing or show them a typical working day for an app developer. Through Google Expeditions, you can also give students an insight into various careers in engineering, from civil and electrical through to aeronautical.



Show students how mathematics can be used to solve complex and everyday problems. For example, working out the volume of the Pyramids of Giza or exploring symmetry with the Taj Mahal.