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Viewing your Course as a Student


I hear this question all the time; "How do I view my course as a student?"


In MindTap, you are pretty much seeing the course as a student would (with the edit and show hidden options turned off).  And in SAM, you have the ability to launch into any of the assignments as an instructor or you can easily flip a switch to student view for a pretty true student experience.


The other option, if LMS integrated, is to switch to student view (we can do this easily in Canvas) and cross over from LMS to your Cengage product as a student.  You will first be faced with a login question, where you must login as a student (do NOT use your instructor account) or create a new student account. Next you will be asked if you want to enter an access code, pay for an access code or enter the course, under the grace period.  I create videos and take screenshots of this experience so I can help students through it the first few weeks of class. It also helps to see what purchase options are available for the students during the "crossover" so you can help them make sense of what they see!


Years ago, I created a Dummy Student account and use it each semester to test my Canvas assignment links and grade sync as a student. Because this same student account has been used multiple semesters and in multiple courses, you may have to ask tech support to "clean up" your student account periodically by severing ties to old courses (or you may end up with conflicting enrollments or the inability to cross over after a while).


If you want to keep your student account active, after the initial 14 day grace period, you can ask your LC or CSM or possibly tech support for a student access code for your product (MT or SAM, not CU) and have access to student view the entire semester.  This works well for in class demonstrations so your view/experience is the same as the students.  I hope this helps answer the question, "How do I view my course as a student".  


Have a WONDERFUL semester!