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Using Andrews/Dark/West CompTIA A+ Guide to Technical Support 10th Ed.

Frequent Commenter

I have a question regarding suggesting sequence of the MindTap Andepractice mode labs and the testing mode labs.


There seems to be a one-to-one correlation between the practice labs and testing labs in each section.  But all of the practice labs are presented first followed by all of the corresponding testing labs.


Pedagogically speaking, it would seem better to present a practice lab immediately followed by the testing version of the same lab.


Any thoughts?


Tim Gill

Tyler Junior College

Tyler, TX


Hi Tim - thanks for your note and interest in the A+ 10th edition MindTap! Please see the attached screenshot.  The pedagogical intent is for the Practice Mode of each Advanced Hardware Lab Simulation to be followed by the same version of the lab within a Testing Mode environment.  The Practice Mode comes first so the student can feel comfortable practicing their skills in a no-pressure environment, and then proceed to the actual graded version of the lab in the Testing Mode.  Hope that helps!



Amy Savino

Product Manager, IT/Networking/Cybersecurity

Frequent Commenter



Thanks for the prompt response!  That made sense to me but the labs aren't presented that way in MindTap.


For the sake of others who might have the same question, is that approach documented somewhere for instructors?


Tim Gill


Hi Tim,


Feel free to email me at if it's easier. We can set up a zoom to share screens if that makes the most sense. 


I'm wondering how your course is set up? We do have the Practice Mode module ahead of the Testing Mode module in the learning path so that students are presented with the practice assignments before the graded assignments. 


I'm attaching an Educators Guide that will help you navigate the learning path as we've designed it! Again, let me know if you'd like to hop on a call if this isn't helpful.




Frequent Commenter

Hi, Cassie,


Thanks for reaching out.  I'd be happy to visit with you on a Zoom session to help with my implementation.


Do you agree with Amy's comment above that the intent is to present the practice lab immediately followed by it's graded version instead of presenting all of the practices and then all of the graded versions?


Tim Gill