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Unit Tests in MindTap

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I am teaching MIS and am using two textbooks; one is a Computer Applications type text book and the other is an MIS text. I am using MindTap with both textbooks. In the MIS text (Fundamentals of MIS by Stair,  9th ed) there is an option to assign a Unit Test.   I assigned the Unit Test for chapter 1 and for some reason the results were not submitted until after the due date had passed. I had several students email me before the due date stating they had taken the test but their results were not submitted.  Their results were submitted after the due date so that is good news but the delay in submission made my students anxious.  Will this always be the case in the future (results not posted until after the due date) or is there a setting that enables their results to be posted after they have taken the unit test.  Is there a reason for the delay in submission?  




Hi! This is a setting for each test. Edit, then Edit assignment, select Feedback Immediately After a Take. I think this might fix your problem.


I found this in the instructor guide as well that might help, based on what @Kelly_Hinson just told you:

9-17-2018 5-12-57 PM.jpg