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The Résumé got You in the Door, and You Blew the Interview Because...


For all intensive purposes, I could care less if it is one in the same.  I came across the article on accident and almost let it fall by the waste side.  Irregardless, I decided to write this self-depreciating paragraph.


Was that hard for you to read?  It was hard for me to write!  Now imagine how hard it would be to hear, especially in a job interview.


We all know that there are regional dialects, with accents and colloquialisms, that will always affect speech patterns, but some errors are eggregious in any part of the English speaking world.  This article provides a compendium of word crimes that are becoming more and more prevalent.


Commonly Misused Phrases That Will Make You Sound Unprofessional


My students are going to see this one.  In fact, they may see it more than once!  I want them to succeed in their new careers, and success won't happen if they can't make it past the first interview.


So let's all try and help our graduates so they will be shoe-ins because they did good in those interviews!


I loved reading this, and I'm going to email it to all of my peers! 


I hear people say, "irregardless," ALL THE TIME, and, I'm in a constant battle with my boyfriend over nip it in the butt, vs. nip it in the bud. I will admit though, that I am guilty of saying, "jive," vs. "jibe." I will never again misuse that phrase!  


A goose once nipped me in the butt, but any gardner knows how to take care of buds they do not want to develop.  😉


Also, being my age and remembering the '70s, when I think "jive" I tend to think "jive turkey."