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Tech Ethics Information


The Cengage Computing Team has added a new Tech Ethics page to our website! Those of you who attended the last CCE may remember David Ryan Polgar from our panel discussion. He is a wealth of information when it comes to tech ethics and he's shared a lot of tips and info for us. You can check out the new Tech Ethics page HERE.


Are you covering ethics in your classes? We'd love to hear how you're covering this topic, and what areas you're focusing on. After reviewing our new page, are there any topics you'd like to see more coverage on?


There is SO much "new" surrounding tech ethics on both the hard and soft side, but we always go back to the basics of "netiquette" in all of my computing classes: "How to be a good person in the age of digital devices and social media"


I do cover ethics throughout my course. Along with discussing netiquette, I will start a discussion about privacy, truthfulness of facts, etc. when we are in the social media topics, or our school's acceptable use policy that they sign in order to use the campus lab facilities, or reading the terms & conditions they agree to when they create their Cengage accounts. From the initial look at the page and topics you have it looks good. 

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I teach ethics in my Systems Analysis and Design course. The book has great scenarios I use on many different topics.