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Some Cool New Tech Tools!!!


In the last few weeks, I've attended a few sessions put on by my peers, Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning, and NISOD and thought I'd share some of the cool new tools with you!


Have you ever heard of Learning Glass???  I had not, but am in LOVE with it!  Most of us demonstrate software programs from a computer at the front or back of the classroom and then project so students can see, right?  Well, what happens when you need to write on the board and your back is to your students?  It becomes a little awkward as you turn sideways to write and talk to the students at the same time.  With Learning Glass, you face the students and write on the glass facing them and it transposes what you write so they see it as if you were writing on the board (with your back to them).  And you could potentially record live lectures for your online students to view later using this new technology!


Check out these links for more info and a video of Learning Glass in action!

The next tool demonstrated was NearPod.  At first, I thought it was similar to Office Mix or Sway, but it seems to be a bit more powerful and interactive.  It's a student engagement platform that allows you to create interactive content and assessments through PowerPoint. Simulations, drawings, assessments, virtual field trips, polls, matching, etc.  In the classroom, instructors can control the pacing of the lesson across many devices and see immediate responses from students or in the online environment, Nearpod provides the same engagement asynchronously.  Nearpod reporting syncs to my LMS too!  For more info and to see how it works, check out Nearpod for Higher Education.


For more tips and tricks, check out this Blog of 60 web tools in 60 minutes with Brandon Lutz.